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Rise with us vote bailey

Corbin Bailey is running for president in 2020.  Vote for him and rise with us. 

"Wow i havent seen someone that presidental since me" - Abraham Lincoln

"good at making other people happy and helping them calm down when they’re having a rough time." - Sage Neroy

"Корбин действительно лучший кандидат. Я бы проголосовал за него в биении сердца." - Joseph stalin

Bailey's opponents -

Donald Trump-

Donald Trump wants to kill children with his pro-choice movement. He is not thinking about the little boy or girl that will never get to grow up and fulfill his/her dreams. Bailey will ensure this doesn't happen and make sure every little boy and girl gets a chance at success with his pro-life movement! Click below to learn more on Baileys abortion stance.

Wanna Support BAiley?

Come Join him at Chipotle.

Corbin want you to join him on Taco Tuseday, sponsored by Chipotle.  Corbin will be traveling to the most popular Cipotles across the U.S. on tuesday.  Chipotle will give %30 all taco products because of there support of Corbin. 


Want to support your country more, Buy some bailey merch . 

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